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The 2018 Resume: What Your Resume Should Look like in 2018

By Meaghan Marshall, Jan 14 2018 12:16PM

I first wrote a resume trends blog post back in 2015. As predicted back then, the LinkedIn Profile hasn’t replaced the need for a resume. The resume is here to stay!

While the resume has not received a staggering overhaul in this time, many resumes I see are still falling short of achieving maximum impact.

Here is my list of key requirements for a resume in 2018:

Prove your claims

The top resume mistake I still consistently see is an absence of evidence to support competency claims. Many resumes are still focused on responsibilities rather than accomplishments. Including examples of your results makes for a significantly stronger and more persuasive resume.

Targeted content

Your resume should clearly demonstrate how your skills and experience specifically match the requirements of the role and company you are applying. You need to take this further that just hitting on a few key words and including the hiring mangers name in your cover letter. Customisation is key to demonstrating to a potential employer that you are truly interested, and that you bring value that will benefit the organisation’s specific goals and challenges.

Integration with your Online Presence

Your online presence and resume should work together to tell your career story and communicate your personal brand. Your professional online presence is not limited to your LinkedIn profile, you should choose the best platforms for your particular industry.


Having a third party verify claims in your resume adds credibility. You could request a written endorsement from a past manager or use a LinkedIn endorsement. For added credibility link to the original endorsement on LinkedIn.

Include Soft Skills

I have noticed a recent trend of soft skills being overlooked, especially in applying for technical roles. Even for technical roles an employer will be seeking soft skills, for example teamwork, conflict resolution, time management. You should include evidence of these skills on resume also.

See for example: How to Demonstrate Problem Solving Skills on Your Resume

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