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What Is an Entrepreneurial Mindset? Why Employers Are Looking for It, and Why You Need It

By Meaghan Marshall, May 8 2017 12:51PM

A quick search on reveals just how many employers are looking for someone that will bring entrepreneurial talent, and it is not just in business development and sales roles. There is a University looking for an ‘experienced Project Manager with an entrepreneurial approach’ a Trade College seeking an ‘innovative educator with entrepreneurial talent’, there is an opportunity for a ‘Compliance Manager with entrepreneurial flair’, and a role for an Entrepreneurial Administration Officer.

Employers realise the benefits of hiring staff with an entrepreneurial spirit. An entrepreneurial mindset describes the way someone approaches life and work; those with an entrepreneurial flair show passion, are optimistic, look for ways to improve, take considered risks, and execute their ideas. Entrepreneurialism leads to innovation.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset is also beneficial for managing your career now and into the future. We all know the days of a job for life are well behind us, the average person will now have approximately ten different jobs before they are 40. The world of work today sees more of us freelancing, in casual or seasonal roles, consulting appointments or contract positions. There is also the issue of underemployment. Having an entrepreneurial mindset will help you navigate your way, help you to find and create opportunities, move across industries, and manage multiple sources of income.

What does it mean to have an entrepreneurial mindset?

Having an entrepreneurial mindset, is different from the traditional view of an entrepreneur who builds a new idea into an enterprise. Rather it refers to a way of thinking.

Someone with an entrepreneurial mindset will:

★ Have energy and passion; they work hard and with intensity.

★ Show commitment to their own continuous improvement; they place value on their personal improvement and development.

★ Be willing to take a risk; they trust their judgment and ability to make a sound decision with consideration to risks.

★ Display curiosity and inquisitiveness; they investigate how the world works, and see things with fresh perspective.

★ Be optimistic and resilient; they will regardless of challenges maintained a positive attitude.

★ Have a strong network; they invest in relationships and seek support when needed.

How to demonstrate you have an entrepreneurial mindset to a potential employer?

If you are applying for a role like the ones described above, then you will need to prove to the potential employer that you have entrepreneurial talent.

Don’t rely on just listing ‘entrepreneurial’ as a skill on your resume. As always, the key it to demonstrating your skills, is to use examples from your past experience. Review the description above of an entrepreneurial mindset; can you think of examples from your past that demonstrate these key qualities and traits?

Have you needed to adapt to changes to your work or industry?

Have you contributed an innovative idea?

What excites you, what is your passion, how have you doggedly pursued your goals?

How have you made sure you keep growing?

What challenges have you overcome? How did you deal with the challenge, and what did you learn?

If you really want to impress a potential employer then take it a step further, do your research, and tell them exactly what you can do for them. Apply your inquisitiveness and vision, dive deeper, and determine a key problem or a specific goal that you can make an impact on.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset will benefit you long into your career, and not just if your goal is to be an entrepreneur in the traditional sense. It’s not too late to build your entrepreneurial mindset. Here are some helpful resources:

5 Ways to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset (External Link)

How to Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Mindset (External Link)

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