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Resume Review


This service is for review and assessment of resume written by the client.

Resume review is provided by email. You will receive a report summarising weaknesses and providing advice on how to improve.

You will receive feedback on content, format, writing and overall effectiveness.  Recommendations on how to improve will be made however the service does not include significant rewriting.

Have your resume reviewed and experience these benefits:

* Increase your job search success and potential earning power

* Find out exactly what recruiters are thinking when they receive your resume

* A convenient service, accessed any time. You won’t have to ask family, friends or colleagues to review your resume.

* Option for discounted resume writing. If you have your resume reviewed by us and decide to use our services for a rewrite we will give you discount.

* Knowledge. We not only tell you the weaknesses of your resume but how to fix them also. This is valuable knowledge that you will use when writing resume for your entire career.

* Peace of mind! Gain confidence knowing that your resume is the best representation of yourself.

If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of your resume you should have it reviewed.